A new standard for securing your cards on your phone.

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  • Secure your cards on your phone icon

    Secure your cards on your phone

    Don't be impacted by credit card theft. With the SOLO Wallet, Your cards are biometrically secured

  • Open with your FaceID

    Snap it on, scan it open. Utilize your FaceID to open your SOLO Wallet

  • Wear it as a crossbody

    Hold a hand. Not your phone. Attatch our custom chain or any type of strap and wear it two different ways.

pairing SOLO Wallet with iPhone

How does it work?

  • Pair your phone to the wallet
  • Snap it on
  • Click the side button on the wallet
  • scan you face
  • Open the wallet
  • Store your cards
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Dave Meltzer

Don't just take it from us...

"I love this wallet. I'm always on the go, I needed something to secure my cards, the SOLO Wallet doesn't disappoint. My wife loves hers too, she wears it everywhere".

- Dave Meltzer, Meltzer Enterprises

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The SOLO Wallet is a (patent pending) biometric wallet that attaches to your phone and opens with your FaceID through our Go-SOLO App. Your cards are completely secured.

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The most secured your cards can be.

The CES Innovation award winning SOLO Wallet acts as a case for your iPhone, with an electronic wallet attatched. Scan your face, open your wallet. Never lose your cards. Attatch the chain and go hands free!