About Us

The SOLO Wallet. Sleek. Sophisticated. Smart. Secure.


Credit card fraud impacts millions of Americans every year, leading to ID theft and additional financial losses. The SOLO Wallet was founded with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a wallet that was both functional, makes a statement and integrates the latest in biometric sensors to innovate on card security. After months of research, design, and prototyping, the SOLO Wallet was developed. It won the CES Showstoppers award for Innovation and was an innovation finalist at SXSW. 

The wallet features a unique design in that it includes 3 internal loopholes, allowing you to add a chain or a strap and wear it as a clutch, so you can go hands free but always have easy access  to your phone.  It also has an SOS button for enhanced connection to Whether you're a busy professional, a fashion-conscious student, or someone who just wants to secure their cards on their phone, the SOLO Wallet has something for you. 

Join the movement and experience the style and functionality of SOLO Wallet for yourself.